What is new? since 1972

What have you been doing in the 40 years since you left Sherwood?


32 Responses to What is new? since 1972

  1. Deborah Valdes says:

    Debby Valdes – After SHS, I attended the University of MD getting my degree in Information Systems Management. I have worked in IT (mostly in Financial Services) in the Washington DC area, ever since. I have been married for the last 22 years, living in Burke, VA with my wonderful husband, Rich. I have a 34 year old stepson, 20 year old son, 1 year old grandson and a beautiful daughter-in-law. I still love theater, live music and travel.

  2. Debbie Unglesbee McElveen says:

    Debbie Unglesbee McElveen-After graduating from Salisbury University with a degree in Physical Education I taught for one year in Olney at St. John’s School. I then moved south and have been living in Savannah, Ga. . I went back to school at Georgia Southern University to become a school administrator. After spending 16 years teaching in S.C. I became Assistant Principal in 1995 and then moved onto Principal and remained in administration for 16 years. My final year I became a district leveI administrator. I will miss seeing everyone at our reunion this year due to family plans on Hilton Head. I will be in the Olney area for the next two weeks and would love to get with some of you at one of Olney’s establishments. Have a great time!

  3. Kathy Kemper Fields says:

    Kathy Kemper Fields – My husband Dick and I have been married for 31 years; we had lived in Gulfport, Mississippi for 20 years then made a move to Bradenton, Florida (west coast) in 2001; I have been working at a local college (State College of Florida) as a secretary in the mathematics department and love it; my husband is a respiratory therapist and does home care. No immediate plans for retirement. My step-son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren (6 and 2) live within an hour’s drive which is wonderful. My brother, sister and 2 nieces live locally as well. We love the area and are very active in our “down” time, enjoying the beautiful beaches, local music and arts scene and we exercise as much as possible (I particularly love “Jazzercise” and have been doing it for years).

  4. Donny Lethbridge says:

    I’m still alive – that’s all you need to know.

  5. Sharon Matney Ferro says:

    Sharon Matney Ferro – I’ve been married to Joey Ferro (class of ’71) for 38-1/2 yrs. We have two kids, Jody and Joey (38 & 37), and five grandkids (12-1/2,10,9,7,5). I was a partner in a commercial Architectural Firm for 23 years, and for the past 8 years I’ve been working for a CPA, in a less stressful, 35 hr./week job. For 11 years I was into competitive country dance but, since the birth of my first grandchild, they’ve become my priority. I attend all their sports; practices and games (I’ve become the photographer for my oldest, Patrick’s football and baseball teams), go on field trips, chaperone dances, and help out at the elementary school. Both my kids live in the area, so I see them, and my grandkids almost everyday. Joey’s still golfing with Billy Kemeys and Donny (40 yrs.). We love to travel, and play in Texas Hold’em Tournaments. I’ve been very blessed with a great family and good health.

  6. John Campanile says:

    After graduating from the Catholic University of America in 1976 (B.A., Sociology), I toiled in the TV trade for almost 30 years at both channels 20 and 5. Semi-retired in 2008, and later applied to REI / College Park to pursue personal interests (Yeah, call it a mid-life crises). You’ll generally find me in the cycling section, but I have been spotted in footwear and clothing now and then. And also now and then I have conducted FREE clinics in bicycle commuting (Most asked question: “How do I deal with rude/aggressive/just plain nasty drivers?” Answer: Smile. Bikes Belong! Two wonderful daughters, 22 and 24 (Katherine & Anna). Kath graduated this year from Frostburg University (Mass Comm/Music), and has since started work with her old man at REI. Anna received an AA in Graphics Design/Arts from Montgomery College / Takoma Park, and volunteers her graphic and artistic talents to a local arts school, Art Works, and well as waits tables at another local establishment, Urban Eats. Beautiful, ageless wife, Lynn Poirier, who teaches ESOL to middle school students – she has received many accommodations/citations for her work, including the Mother of Them All: National Board Certification. In whatever spare time I can muster, I volunteer for both the Mt. Rainier Bicycle Co-op [mrbikecoop.com] and the Wash. Area Bicyclist Assoc. (WABA). Perhaps as the reunion approaches, I’ll come up with more stuff so y’all won’t have to wait for my memoirs. Looking forward to August!

  7. Joan Lyons Panuska says:

    I have been living in Cumberland Maryland for 34 years. I have been married for 33 years. I have 3 children and they are 31, 28 and 26. All of my children are working in different places. My youngest is getting married in October at Nags Head with a destination wedding. The other two children are not married. I work in a primary school as a special education teacher. I work in West Virginia. I have been teaching for 11 years. My husband is working at the Allegany Health Department as the Deputy Health Assistant. My husband and I are looking forward to retirement in a few years. We have plans to move to Fenwick Island Delaware. At this time we have a second home there. I spend most of the summer there. I think all of us have changed and I wish I could come to the reunion.

  8. When I went off to college I majored in French, which was pretty useless, other than giving me a chance to go to France (Trial balloon for our college. We must have succeeded, they’ve been sending students every summer since). Larry & I met in college; we’ve been married 36 happy years, living in PA. After graduation I puttered about doing a variety of odd jobs (some were very odd!) until I settled in as an environmental educator with a local nature center. After a decade of teaching all ages anything and everything about the local environment, I went back to Grad School and got a Masters in Environmental Ed. Then I spent 3-4 years each as the Director of Education for another nature center, and being the “Agent of Decay” (compost/organic recycling educator) for the Cooperative Extension (won 2 awards right before the county cut my funding). Went back to school again for teaching certifications, and have been a middle school Science Teacher for the past 8 years. (Dr. Pompa would be happy.)

  9. Patrick Sieg says:

    My life has been happy (maybe charmed) so far and I plan/hope to keep it that way.
    I graduated from Washington and Lee University where I studied Finance, Business Administration and Art (sort of an unusual combination… tapping into both the right and left part of my brain).

    I am grateful for good, pure luck in the marriage department.
    Lisa and I met in college, dated after and marked 30 years of marriage last November. She is smart, caring, fun, artistic, good looking, athletic and a great mother and friend.

    Our three children are a source of great pride, joy and enrichment.
    Robert my oldest graduated from Dickinson College in 2010, is gainfully employed in the technology field and living in DC. A real job and own apartment at age 24 is a great thing. Daughter Erica will be a senior at Gettysburg College for the 2012/2013 school year.
    My youngest Stephan starts at Dickinson College in the fall (maybe they will offer a quantity discount).

    I travel much for work (Marriott International) but it comes in waves and depends upon my role and responsibilities.
    Lisa and I were fortunate to have lived overseas in the middle east (Amman, Jordan) and in Europe (London and Vienna) for a number of years in the 1980s. We have also lived in Virginia, Missouri and Texas as well as here in Maryland. Our current home is in Derwood, MD.

    I play tennis regularly and have committed more time to biking in the last two years (sometimes biking to work).
    Other interests include art, cooking, snow skiing and hiking.
    No beat up sports cars around these days but perhaps again in the future (hopefully a more current model).

  10. Edward Harden says:

    After school. Worked for Montgomery Co. School board for a year. When I was hired as a fire fighter at the old Navel Surface Warfare Center in White Oak, MD. Transferred to Ft Meade Fire Dept. in 75 to where i worked to 2004 and retired, as a captain. After 911 fire department life became so demanding and hectic, it just wore me out.

    I got married in 1975 to a wonderful women, to whom I am still with today. Had 2 children Brian and April. They have both left the nest on there own. 4 grand children. Ages 4 to 13.

    Lived in Maryland till retirement. Moved to sleepy Tappahannock, Virginia in 2004.

  11. Diana Patton says:

    After graduation I continued my education at Montgomery College and the University of Maryland, College Park. After exploring several career paths I came back to my family roots in the sod industry. I am proud to be a 4th generation Patton in this industry. I currently manage all aspects of the family business; the Turf Center located in Spencerville. The store has evolved much over the years and is coming up on its 40th anniversary, quite a feat for a small business these days! Along with our sod and lawn care products we became a Southern States dealer 15 years ago and expanded our business to include farm and livestock supplies. Our most recent venture has been to sell newly hatched chicks in the Spring. In our second season we sold over 400 chicks!
    In my spare time I stay active in the community through my church activities and volunteerism. Over the years I have held various offices with the State Turf Associations, the Montgomery County Ag Fair, and the Washington/Rockville Elks Club. I have also stayed active in the dairy goat community, showing, breeding 2 National Champions, and serving as the leader of the 4-H dairy goat club.

  12. Robert Williams says:

    I have been living in Colesville for 21 years with my wife, Ivy, of 23 years. I got a great son, Henry, who is studying Russian in St. Petersburg, Russia this summer then returns to study art and Russian at Bard College, NY state. (He is 6 ft 3 inches, and has full beard and hair down his back – sound familiar?) I did kind of drop out of sight in my 20s but went back to school at U of MD, got a BS in Science Communication/Journalism then graduated with a MA in History of 19th Century Technology and Museum Studies in 2008. I worked in museums for the last 14 years and am now the Assist. Director of the Fire Museum of Maryland – the third largest fire museum in the world (I have to say that every time I mention the museum as I am also the PR Director and the Education Director.) I love my work and I have lots of toys, so life is good.

  13. Ruth Lambert Schwartz says:

    I left Maryland for the midwest to attend college in Jamestown, North Dakota, graduating with a degree in Nursing. I met my wonderful husband there 3 years later and we have been married for 31 years. I have lived and worked in North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and have been living in beautiful Montana since 1981. We raised 4 wonderful children in Big Sky Country and live south of Missoula in the Bitterroot Valley. Our oldest son is a Tech Sargent in the Air Force, currently stationed in Italy with his beautiful wife. We have been fortunate to visit and explore Italy twice. Our second son is working on the North Slope of Alaska, third son lives and works in Denver, and our daughter is searching for a Human Resources position to utilize her degree from Eastern Washington University–any leads, anyone? I still visit family in Maryland every year but Montana has my heart!

  14. Gina Snowden Harrell says:

    Gina S. Harrell- Since graduating from Morgan State University in Baltimore,MD, I have taught in Montgomery County Public Schools. Currently, I am teaching middle school in Bethesda. I’ve traveled to Barcelona, Paris, London, Jamaica, Hawaaii and cities in the United States. I enjoy reading, sewing, going to concerts/plays/performances, making crafts
    and event planning.

  15. Tod Guernsey says:

    During medical scool at Emory University, met Jeanne who was a French major and was working at one of our teaching hospitals as a Nurses Aide when a Peace Corps job fell through. Married at the end of my interniship with our first child Danielle the following year. After completing my pediatric residency, I actually joined the Army as a fully qualified volunteer and was assigned to a hospital in Germany. We spent 4 lovely years there, traveling about in our spare time. Justin was born there. After this, I was picked by the Army to do a fellowship in Pulmonary Medicine. I ended up at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and finished it in three years. My payback tour was a three year stint in Hawaii where I was on the teaching staff as general pediatrician, staff pulmonologist and head of the PICU. Decided to return closer to family, so relocated to Philly area where Jeanne’s parents, brother and his family lived, as well as my parents and brother and his family. My two sisters live in MD and NJ. Came back to join the medical faculty of Jefferson Medical College and moved to the Nemours Foundation 4 years later. Have been there 15 years now as a staff pulmonologist with clinics at our hospital in Wilmington Delaware, as well as in NJ and Lancaster, PA. No longer doing critical care work. Kept my affiliation with the Army by joining the Delaware Army National Guard where I eventually became a full Colonel and the Medical Detachment commander and State Surgeon. Volunteered for some national level activities and were subsequently selected to become the Assistant Surgeon General for Mobilization, Readiness and National Guard Affairs and am now the Senior Medical Officer in the Army National Guard as the Deputy Surgeon General for National Guard Affairs. Am a Brigadier General sitting in a Major General’s billet so maybe I’ll get one more promotion before retiring. One tour of duty in Iraq and called to A’gan but someone else sent instead. Having really enjoyed the chance to advocate for our Soldiers and Families. While back here we were blessd with the arrival of Cara, our unexpected third child, who is now 12 and very much keeping us busy. Jeanne is Director of Health Profession Programs at the National Boiard of Medical Examiners. We live in Chester Count, PA on a horse farm but without the horses. Tranquil after living closer to the city.

  16. Molly Schauffler says:

    I’m sorry I can’t make the reunion, as much as I would love to see everyone. I’m in Waldo County, Maine, alive, thriving, keeping our gardens going, and restoring a whaleboat and setting up a sawmill with Doug, my partner. For a paycheck I work with science teachers, through the University of Maine. Somehow it all works out.
    If any of you comes through Belfast on a vacation up here, give a holler. It’s a wonderful place to be. Have a good time on Aug 4, and my best to all!

  17. Kristy Kilpatrick Malochee says:

    What a fruitful time of life we are in! Everyone living into their gifts, talents and passions, creating beautiful works, families, communities and lives! I say “It’s worth the trip”! Keep on being The Love, Class of ’72…..

  18. Dale LaMendola says:

    After SHS I took a few business classes at MC and decided that paychecks were the way to go, so I went to work with my dad in retail at Tyson’s Corner selling piano’s and organs. In 1979 I decided that I needed a career change so a friend introduced me to the owner of a private detective agency in Northern Va where I worked as a private detective for many years. During the course of those years I met John Walsh and discovered we shared a similar family tragedy. So we took that tragedy and the knowledge we had learned from it to try and put it to use to help other families in the same situation. We met Senator Paula Hawkins from Florida a strong advocate for missing children, both John and I eventually ended up testifying in front of US Congress and that eventually lead to the opening of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, something that I am very proud to have been a part of. John and I traveled around the country doing talk shows etc for the next few years in hopes that we could affect changes in the law that would deter stranger and parental abduction of children. In 1999, I settled down and went to work as an enforcement agent with the State of Maryland where I am presently still employed waiting for those retirement years for state service. In planning for those retirement years I’m a co-owner of a security and detective agency, The Taisey Agency, LLC, a Maryland Investigation and Security Agency. In addition to the past 25 years I have been providing part time armed security for The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair as well as other various assignments. I’m sorry I will not be able to attend the 40th due to previous commitments but I hope if any of you are at the Montgomery County Fair you will stop by the security command center and say Hi. I will be there from open to close for the entire time from August 10th -18th this year.

  19. Tricia Wesp says:

    I am about to leave town for a couple of weeks on a research trip – to Bali.
    I know, it sounds really unfortunate, and you should all feel very sorry for me…
    I’ll be returning just about the time the class will be gathering in Olney for the reunion.
    Since we last had one of these events, I’ve been promoted to Professor at William and Mary University, and my students continue to keep me honest.

    There have been a few near-contacts with classmates –
    Pat Ryan’s mom was one of my mom’s roommates at Friends House during the last months of mom’s life, Roger Marks brought his son to look at W&M on the cross-country college visit tour (I think the guy really wanted to go to Pepperdine, but he was humoring his dad) and Mary Jordan keeps me informed on the whereabouts of several other classmates.

    I’ll be thinking of you, and wish you all happy and healthy until we try this again.

  20. Pat Niland says:

    Attended Montgomery College, then while working part-time at NIH, I landed a full-time job with NOAA, first doing secretarial work with NOAA Public Affairs; then scientific work as a cartographic technician updating NOAA’s nautical charts. Part of the job was going out to sea to collect the survey data, so while living in Seattle (1980-1989), I was able to work/travel to Alaska, Hawaii and California. I eventually resigned from NOAA and moved back east with my husband, Stan in 1989.

    Stan and I retired full-time to Rehoboth Beach in 1996. We have been coaching girls’ JV volleyball at Cape Henlopen High School for the past 14 years. You can always find us on the beach playing volleyball on Hickman Street.

    My main hobbies are gardening, photography and abstract painting. We still travel in the winter months to Florida and Hawaii. Now we’re adding travel to wherever our niece’s school, San Diego State University, takes us during her lacrosse season. Whenever I need a break from Slower, Lower Delaware, I’ll head back to Maryland and hang out with my sisters, Kevie and Lori :).

  21. Mary Jordan Lodge says:

    So wonderful reading what everyone has been doing since high school! In 1972, I escaped from my sheltered life in Brookeville to JMU in Virginia and studied art, art education and partying. Got my first job in graphics while living in Harrisonburg and never looked back. I’ve now been working as a graphics designer at the Thrift Savings Plan in D.C. for 23 years and am not quite ready to retire.

    I met my husband, Brian (also a graphics designer) at a bus stop in Rockville in 1978. (I asked him for change for a $5 and we’ve been married for 31 years — He’s a wonderful cook!). Our Son, Robbie (23) is a graduate of film and television from SCAD in Savannah. He works for Crescent Moon Pictures, Reel Tributes and Everything Entertainment and he’s saving money to move to LA. Erik (20) is our free spirit, attends Montgomery College with the ambition of becoming an elementary school teacher. I call them my greatest creations!

    We built a new house in a town called Olney almost 25 years ago . . . The boys say it’s the best place we could have ever raised them. They attended Blake High School (zoning). We have a close knit neighborhood in Hallowell. I’ve been team captain of Diane’s Divas for Olney Relay for Life for seven years now and our team has raised over $91,000 to fight cancer! Many of my SHS friends have helped us to reach our annual goals!

    We have a great beach house that we spend vacations in and rent in Corolla, NC. We also love to travel (London, Scotland, Iceland, Denmark, Italy, Virgin Gorda). In June, we attended Marion (Jenkins) and Jean Perrier’s Son’s wedding in Old Montreal. I’m in good touch with Marion, Debbie Hall, Tricia Wesp, and I’m godmother to Melissa Mason Hoffman’s lovely daughter, Caroline.

    Looking forward to the 40th reunion!

  22. Peggy Leishear Chandler says:

    I hope to make the reunion, but I’m not sure since I’m recovering from knee surgery.

    After Sherwood, I attended the University of Maryland, getting a degree in geriatric therapeutic recreation. I lived in Olney while raising my family; Britney and Beau both graduated from Sherwood. After 36 years in the cosmetic industry (Clinique and Clarins), I relocated to Lewes, DE where I’m finally using my degree as Director of Recreation Therapy at Harbor Healthcare. I married the love of my life, Bruce Chandler, on 10-10-10. At the moment, I am the mother of two, mother-in-law of one, stepmother of three, grandmother of one (soon to be two).

    I hold a unique SHS record: I participated in the first Rock and Roll Revival, and have attended every single year for the last 40 years!

  23. Roger Marks says:

    I am still a shmuck.
    Have been living in Anchorage, Alaska since ’79. Love it here. (Notwithstanding our nut-job ex-governor.)  
    Basic highlights: Married in ’84. Divorced in ’97. Been living with a wonderful woman since ’98.  Had an economic consulting practice and semi-retired now. Decent health. A 23 year old son. (At night the son does stand-up comedy. I’m pretty sure he talks about me in his act.)
    This is how it all turned out.
    Sorry I can’t make the reunion. Come to Alaska and visit. Love to all (except whoever vandalized my locker in 10th grade).

  24. Peter Schauffler says:

    I’m a heating / electrical contractor living in Swanzey NH. Have a wonderful & beautiful wife, three great children and three grandchildren. We also have a vegan restaurant in Keene. Life is full and fun. Life has had it’s ups and downs with the ups prevailing by a long-shot.

  25. Randy Conlan says:

    What’s life been since 1972 and where to begin. I’m still in love and married 37 years to the girl I met 2 weeks after graduation named Stephanie Sweet. Thanks to Chris Wood, I still continue to make music and have a friendship that has lasted these 40 years.
    As like most Stephanie and I have had our highs and lows, but continue to share our lives together. Stephanie joined me in Rock and Roll Revival #5 and was with me as we celebrated the 40th RnR Revival Reunion with Sam Andelman and others, writing a song.
    We live in Damascus, Maryland where we raised our two children Richard (26) and Megan (24). Although I never really went to college, I am currently working as an IT Specialist for a DC Law Firm. I continue singing, writing and playing music each Sunday for our local Catholic church with some very special friends that help inspire me every week. I gone through many phases of music interests, including Rock, Folk Rock, Country to Contemporary Christian music as I love today. I was even inspired to write a song about Cullowhee, NC after visiting Allison Hancock Padgett about 11 years ago with Chris and his wife June Grant.
    I have found myself working with the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair for about 30 years with Diana Patton, and currently on the Board for the Damascus Community Fair for the last 17 years. Life has been good all and all. I have survived two bouts with cancers and continue to support those that have continued to fight their battles.
    The kids our living away from home, Megan in DC and working for Living Social as an editor, Richard as an Assistant at the Naval Museum in Washington, DC.
    Our family has travelled the world together anyway we can. Our travels have included 36 of the 50 states, Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Scotland and Greece. We try to plan a travel vacation nearly every year.
    We are unable to be at the 40th Reunion with good reason. Stephanie and I will be welcoming our new Daughter-in-law Theresa Wuertz to our family at Richard’s wedding the weekend of August 3-5th. I have been quite busy getting ready for this special event by composing a new song especially written for the wedding.
    You can find me these days on Face Book. Look for me to put a video on line with pictures and my song from the wedding. I wish everyone the very best.
    Randy Conlan

  26. J. Thomas (Tom) Harding says:

    Hello to all;
    Very glad to see that so many are alive and well. Like Donny, I am still alive, but will elaborate a little bit. After SHS, went to a technical school and started work at a civil engineering firm, worked up through the ranks and became a Licensed Land Surveyor.
    I have been with VIKA Virginia as a Senior Associate for almost 29 years, currently serving as Director of Land Surveying.
    I have two wonderful daughters from my first marriage (Allison and Julia) still living nearby and enjoy many good times with them.
    In August of 2010, quite by accident I met the most incredible woman that I ever known, proposed in October and married Sasha in April of 2011. It has truly been the happiest time of my life!
    Along with my new wife, I gained three new children, James (20), Giovanni (13) and Celecia (12),
    I am having serious flashbacks, but love them as if they were my own.
    Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday night.
    Go Warriors!!!!

  27. Allison Hancock Padgett says:

    I have lived in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, 40 minutes southwest of Asheville for 17 years. Before that, Charlotte for 20 some years. Obtained my Masters in exercise physiology in 2001. Haven’t used that any more than I did my undergrad degree (Clemson) in Recreation. I’m more prone to give free advice on the subject. I taught Health and Wellness at Western Carolina University…adding to my long string of “hey, this looks like fun I’ll think I’ll try that” jobs. I am married to a Methodist Minister ( who happily retired 7 years ago), have four horses (got them 20 years ago). My son Steven and his wife are starting Grad School at Vandy this week. My life was blessed and has been blessed over and over since he was born! These things I know: Never say things like “I’ve never”…been thrown from a horse; gotten a ticket; broken any bones; locked my keys in the cars..etc. Bad JUJU.
    Favorite saying: Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!!!

  28. Barbara (Barb to all you) Pulford Speake says:

    I’ll combine Harry Speake and Barb Pulford since we’ve been together now since 1970 (our first date). Harry and I got married in 1976, after he received a B.A. degree majoring in Criminology from the Univ of MD. After college he went into sales and never looked back (1st institutional food, then cars – 23 years at Herb Gordon Nissan in Silver Spring, then Sears Home Improvements) and that’s what he did until we moved to Texas (Dallas area) to be closer to our two boys, ages 31 and almost 30. One of them is married and expecting their 1st child and our 1st grandchild in February and the other will be engaged by the end of the summer. I went to Mont. College and then worked in Accounting offices at various companies. After about 5 years, we had our two boys sixteen months apart. I’ve been with my current company, Computer Sciences Corp, for almost 33 years now. I work at home full time – my great company set me up there because my legs have gotten a little worse… I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis for about 33 years, but I’m doing very well for having had MS for so long and not being more debilitated than I am. Currently Harry’s taking great care of me (he’s a great cook, dish washer, errand boy, etc!), although he is planning to look for a job when we are a little more settled in our new home. Overall, we’ve both had very blessed lives! And Harry adds – In the words of a famous musician, “We are both alive and that’s all you need to know!” See you this weekend!

  29. Martha Strickland says:

    How could it possibly be 40 years?!

    I am currently living in Lewes, Delaware, enjoying living at the beach while job hunting. I have been in the hospitality industry since college, and have done it all; owned a catering business with my Mom, called “Martha’s Touch”, worked in hotel management in California, Oregon, Florida, New York, Maryland and Virginia, mostly in sales, and co-owned a successful B&B called “The Old Brick Inn” in St. Michaels, Maryland for 5 years. To all of you who think it sounds like a fabulous retirement job, I can only say, “Talk to me first!” Never a dull moment though; I have a book or screenplay in my head, and names will be changed to protect the innocent. I have stories no one would believe!

    I am single again after two short marriages twenty years apart. I have been very fortunate in other ways, blessed with good health, great friends, a supportive family, and the opportunity to travel and experience things others only dream about. My love of good food, wine and
    “ adventures” continues.

    I have kept in touch through the years with “the girls”; I saw Nathalie Wessling often while living in Oregon, and Mary Mead Branch, Pat Ryan Garcia and Deborah Valdes Hirsch whenever our busy schedules allowed. New friends are nice, but old friends are priceless.

    My Mom had a needlework piece hanging in her house that I feel sums up a lot; “If all of our troubles were hung on a line, you would take yours, and I would take mine.” Life is good!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

  30. I will not be able to attend the reunion regretfully. I have so enjoyed getting to know some of you again via facebook. My husband Jeffrey St. Clair, a political journalist, and I have been living in Oregon City since 1990 raising our two kids, who in turn, are now raising us. Zen is 30, living in San Francisco and working as an executive assistant to a powerhouse CEO as well as a marketing coordinator for his firm. Nathaniel is the social network coordinator for Jeffrey’s online news, CounterPunch. I am a reference and instruction librarian at Portland State U where I have served in different ways over the past 15 years. Just recently I became certified as a yoga instructor whereby I teach seniors (60-90) at the Clackamas Community College. I have practiced since my late 20s, so needless to say, I no longer twist into a pretzel but enjoy exploring where I am now and remaining strong and flexible with balance. I still love to read great books, which is what I studied in school at Stetson U (BA) and American (MA); however, it all came together for me in my forties when I attended the U of Illinois to become a librarian. I served as a public librarian part time at Lake Oswego PL from 2004-20011. In the eighties I was an elementary school teacher in Indiana, then a school and library sales rep for Powell’s Books in Oregon. I have served on several community boards, which is a habit that I established at Sherwood. I still love tennis, being a Warrior, and Maryland.

  31. Mike Jacobson says:

    Mike Jacobson (Jake) – attended University of Maryland and got a BS in Secondary Science Education. Upon graduation I married Jami Lynn Curry in 1976. Taught for three years in Charles County, MD (Lackey HS) and left for greener pastures. Began to work for a group of national union-related employee benefit plans in 1979 and am still there. We moved to Howard County, MD (Clarksville) in 1983 and still live there.

    Lynn and I have two children; Leanne in 1981 and David in 1984. Both are married. We have two grandchildren through Leanne (with the assistance of her husband); Joshua 2 ½ and Emma 8 months. Empty nest – pretty good stuff!

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